Microthon 2017

A Micro Hackathon for Micro People

About the Event

What’s going to happen on the day? (6th May 2017)

(time slot) (event taking place)
0815 – 0845 Registration (on the day) begins
0845 – 0900 Introductory Presentation
0900 – 1100 Hacking Session #1
1100 – 1130 Break (continue working if preferred)
1130 – 1330 Hacking Session #2
1330 – 1430 Lunch (can continue work if preferred)
1430 – 1630 Hacking Session #3
1630 – 1700 Break (continue working if preferred): prepare for show and tell fair!
1700 – 1800 Show and Tell Fair
1800 – 1830 Clean up time, prepare for final presentation!
1830 – 1915 Prizes, Ending Presentation, Goodies

Important Dates:

6 May: Microthon! We hope you’re ready!

What is the Microthon?

The Microthon is a single-day event, aimed to teach an introduction to coding for younger audiences. It’s hosted at the IDEAS Hub every year. It allows kids to be exposed to the latest technologies from around the world. This year, we’re using the Microbits. Teams will be split into two tracks, one for teams in G5 and below, and one for teams in G6 and above. The G5 and below track will be given a theme before the day to build a story or project about using the microbits, and will be able to use technologies, get guidance from volunteers, the organisers and the internet. The G6 and above track will be given all the time to prepare whatever they would like to build. This track is completely open to themes of all kinds, but only assistance for technical difficulties will be provided.

Who is it for?

The Microthon is for kids in Grade 8 and below. If you’re older, then check out the IDEAS Hacks. Competitors are split into two streams – the Grade 5 and below stream, and the Grade 6 and above stream. People will only compete against others in the same stream.

When is it?

This year’s Microthon will be hosted on Saturday, the 6th of May.

Where is the IDEAS Hub?

The IDEAS Hub is in UWCSEA Dover. For directions, click here.

How can I prepare for the Microthon?

We’re hosting two sessions, teaching about the Microbit. Both sessions will be exactly the same, and both hosted on Saturdays. Dates will be announced shortly!

What’s the entry fee?

None at all! In fact, you get free entry, free snacks, free lunch and free merchandise.

How can I sign up?

The Microthon is a team event. First contact your school Microthon coordinator to form a school team, and then sign up at the ‘Participate’ button above. If you wish to form a private team instead, please ask a parent / guardian to sign you up instead. If you cannot form a private team either, then sign up as an individual! We’ll be happy to put you in a team on the day.

Do I have to sign up as a team? How do teams work?

Though it is preferable to sign up as a team, we do allow individuals to sign up. These individuals will be put into teams on the day, by us.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll need to bring a laptop per person, and a ready-to-code mindset!

What if I have more questions?

Just ask us a question, by clicking this link, or emailing us at microthon@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg

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